UARC Launches Campaign Against Lagoon

Lagoon Amusement Park has one of the most deplorable “zoos” in the country. Nearly 60 wild animals, including tigers, lions, and kangaroos, are crammed inside small wire and cement enclosures, pacing constantly in circles. Even the Standard Examiner has recognized the problems with this antiquated animal prison:

“The lions are kept in metal cages at Lagoon. There is no fake grass or even real grass to keep them content. A horrifying thought to think about is has this king of the jungle ever had the chance to explore through the grass? Have the lions and lionesses ever felt anything on the pads of their feet other than cool cement?”

Over the past few months, we have built relationships with internationally renowned animal protection organizations that specialize in wild animal issues. We found an organization that is willing and able to secure placement at reputable sanctuaries for Lagoon’s big cats, and potentially many more of the wild animals in their shameful wild kingdom ride. Unfortunately, Lagoon refused to meet with us to discuss this option further, and told us they have no intention of retiring their animals. 
We tried to do this the nice way. Now it’s time for action. UARC is launching a full-scale campaign against Lagoon, and we need your help.
1. Join us on March 31st from 11am – 1pm to protest Lagoon’s Opening Day
2. BOYCOTT Lagoon until they agree to release their animals. Any money spent at Lagoon supports animal cruelty.
3. Sign and share the petition.
4. Leave a 1-star review on Lagoon’s Facebook page, Google Reviews, and Trip Advisor.
5. Kindly tell your employer not to schedule any group days at Lagoon.