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Farm Exposure Tour

  There are large industries in Utah that prefer to stay in the shadows. Out of sight, out of mind. They don’t want you to know where they are, or that they even exist. After seeing them with my own eyes, I understand why. This spring, on behalf of Utah Animal Rights Coalition (UARC), I […]

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12-year-old Organizes Fundraiser for UARC

When she wasn’t busy running (and beating the boys) in track tournaments, volunteering at the Humane Society of Utah, or building solar panels and helping stray dogs on a Navajo reservation, 12-year-old Addie spent her time this summer organizing a fundraiser for UARC. Addie called UARC to tell us she wanted to do a fundraiser, and […]

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Saving Chickens One Vegan Order at a Time

Tender Tigers

Unless you’re gluten-free, you’ve probably tried some version of Cali’s Natural Foods’ “Tender Tigers”. These vegan wings aren’t just available at Sage’s, Vertical Diner, and Vertical Pizza, they’re at several restaurants across the valley like Piper Down, Ice Haüs, The Green Pig, Funk N Dive, The Garage on Beck, and Trolley Wing Company. Which got […]

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UARC Volunteers Serve Vegan Dinner to Teens at Youth Resource Center

10 UARC volunteers in kitchen at youth resource center salt lake city

On Saturday evening, a group of ten UARC volunteers cooked and served a vegan dinner at the Youth Resource Center.  Operated by Volunteers of America, the Youth Resource Center is a safe place for youth ages 15-22 years of age who are experiencing or at-risk of homelessness. They provide emergency overnight shelter, services and case management. Each year they serve […]

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Get Involved

Numerous activists hold signs at Ringling Circus Protest Downtown Salt Lake City

  Volunteer with UARC Are you passionate about helping animals, people, and the environment? Take your commitment to the next level and become a UARC volunteer! UARC volunteers help with a variety of projects including: Handing out literature and talking to people about living vegan at tabling events (farmers markets, outside concerts, etc.) Cooking and […]

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UARC Presents SLC VegFest 2016

UARC is excited to present SLC VegFest, a FREE event open to the public, on September 10th, 2016. At SLC VegFest, Utahns will learn how we can save up to 100 animals each year, significantly lessen our impact on the environment, and improve our overall health by simply leaving animal products off our plates. The […]

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Saving water? Stop eating animals

Proclaiming that water conservation should be “one of Utah’s core ethics,” the Utah Division of Water Resources recently kicked off a nine-step pledge called “H2Oath.” However, even if all nine suggestions were widely adopted, it will barely make a dent in the state’s water use because they fail to address the state’s biggest waster: agriculture. […]

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Meat Is Sucking Utah Dry, “H2Oath” Should Urge Veganism

Earlier this week, the Utah Division of Water Resources announced a new initiative called “H2Oath”, a “pledge” that Utahns can take to help conserve water. The pledge includes promises to change individual behavior in nine different ways, like only running the dishwasher when it is full, letting our lawns grow longer, and reducing “average shower […]

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