12-year-old Organizes Fundraiser for UARC

When she wasn’t busy running (and beating the boys) in track tournaments, volunteering at the Humane Society of Utah, or building solar panels and helping stray dogs on a Navajo reservation, 12-year-old Addie spent her time this summer organizing a fundraiser for UARC.

Addie called UARC to tell us she wanted to do a fundraiser, and asked more about our mission. She loves animals, and was anxious to help. Before we knew it, Addie called 48 businesses and secured several donations from places like Megaplex and the Utah Grizzlies. She created packages from the donations, and organized an opportunity drawing outside of Harmon’s in Taylorsville. Not only did she raise $145 for UARC that day, she also likely saved one dog’s life, who was inside a shopper’s car on the 95-degree day. Addie knew exactly what to do and called Animal Services, who came out and helped the dog.

I had the privilege of meeting Addie when she delivered the money she raised. As someone who has organized countless silent auctions, I am blown away at Addie’s commitment and success at running this fundraiser completely on her own initiative and without any additional support from us. I’ve never met a more organized, compassionate, go-getter. And she’s only 12.

We can all follow Addie’s inspirational example by volunteering. Whether it’s organizing a fundraiser, walking the dogs at a local shelter, helping UARC at SLC VegFest, or cleaning up a trail, we can all do more to make the world a better place.

Thank you, Addie, for all that you do to help animals!